The decades have not exactly flown since the mid sixties when I left Bishop Strachan School, married for the first time, and almost immediately emigrated to the UK, but they have passed faster than I expected. From 1965 until 1978, I was resident in London, England, or at least it was my base from whence I came and went to work. Having graduated with honours from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London in 1967, I soon found myself starring in a mainstream British TV series called The Avengers, and after almost three years filming, I took myself back to where I had been heading before TV interrupted that trajectory, and into the theatre. I spent a year at the Old Vic in Bristol playing a fine range of roles and then to London to play Titania in Midsummer Nights Dream with the Shakespeare Company and on into No Sex Please, Were British which is to date the longest running comedy in the history of the West End.
None of the above would have been possible without the invaluable help and guidance bestowed on me by the grandest of dames, Nancy Pyper, who was the head of the Drama department at my school. She in fact wrote to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) which I had applied to, telling them of my ambitions and advising them to accept me, clearly stating her powerful belief in my talent and determination to be an actor.

I returned to Canada as my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She finally left the planet in 1979 at the young age of 57 leaving behind myself, my sister Barbara and my brothers Martin and Grant. I have often wondered if we ever got over the loss of this dynamic, beautiful creature? Sadder still was the death of Barbara age 63 in 2009. She was my best friend and I miss her every day.

My life and career became ever more peripatetic as I raced between LA, NY and London. In the past 30 years I had marvelous roles in 5 Broadway productions, countless television appearances in the US and Canada as well as continuing to spend time in London working in TV and the theatre.

In 1985 my son Trevor William Robinson Boggs was born in NYC and this life-altering event became my raison detre and remained so for the following 21 years. To bring things full circle again, he ended up at Trinity at U of T and now lives and works in Toronto. There have been other men in my life but none of them ever came before my son, and they knew it. The ones who understood that stayed the longest and the ones who resented it got pretty short shrift. I raised Trevor for the most part on my own although he has a fine father, a man I most definitely selected as the dad.

Between my son, my career and the many loves of my life, it has been a fascinating journey and although at times painful certainly, never, ever boring. I have no intention of stopping any time soon and with luck and continued good health, I rise and shine each day with hope and joy in my heart and a sense of the sheer gift of being alive.